What did happen to Grandpa?  In a wild and raucous and humorous epic journey, the two boys discover and learn the true value or family and friendship.

The book according to Williams, is a  fictitious work he intends to dedicate to readers of all ages.  It is a glorious retelling of life back in the 40's based from the author's own experiences.  Though highly juvenile in presentation, it reflects the many aspects of life that many adults, due to constant haste, fail to realize.  More importantly, the story highlights the wonder of creative imagination and spurs the children's curiosity for little adventures of their own.  

A Novel for all ages.  Youngsters will love this book for its never ending mystery and adventure.  This book will stimulate the imagination.  Mature readers will realize many things relating to their own childhood and be drawn into the story.

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New Book encourages Kids to use creative imagination

Tehachapi, Calif. - Times have changed.  As technology slowly detracts the interest of children from authentic experience to virtual entertainment, the tradition of oral storytelling equally declines.  But can these truly replace the real essence and aesthetics of orally-told stories?  Inspired by his own grandchildren's enthrallment whenever they seek the refuge of grandpa's cozy narratives, author Darrell Williams pens a legacy he hopes to share to generations and generations of children everywhere.

"Summertime adventures of Buddy and Henry" (published by Xlibris) follows the story of two boys raised in small town in Tennessee in the 1940's.  Buddy, 10 and Henry, eight, teach the school bully a lesson in revenge.  Was that a mistake?  They go on an exciting adventure to Germany where they discover a haunted mansion full of surprise and mystery with their two German cousins in tow.  Back in the states. the two boys try t get along with and ornery Nanny and are relieved when their parents take them to  visit their Grandmother in eastern Tennessee where she lives in an old gold mining ghost town.  The adventure gets wild and mystery deepens as they try to figure out what happened to Grandpa.

Darrell show's and sells his metal creations at the Seaside Gallery in Pismo beach California, The Treasure Trove in Tehachapi California and The Wood and Iron Gallery in Weed California.

Darrell just completed his first book, Summertime Adventures of Buddy and Henry and its for sale World wide on Amazon.com, Barns and Noble .com and Xlibris .com as well as other sites on the web.

He has started a new form of art called spray paint art and now has originals at the Treasure Trove and will soon have it at the Seaside Gallery.